Hello world again and again! (on dotcloud)

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

As we start our wordpress blog, this post is always the very first message been posted out here. And this time, after I set up here on dotcloud for about 20 days, I finally decide to tear down those plugins or widgets, just leave my old posts to this new site! (May I should totally start from an empty  wordpress blog?)


Anyway, last night, I logined on to my so-called ‘backup blog’ on wordpress.com, and wrote a short article in English there. Want to read it ? OK, it’s HERE A brief history of my bloging life.

Yes, maybe I can say I’ve been a blogger for 5 years, but acctually I have not writing so much things, just what you can find here.

And, this is also the first post in English here on dotcloud. I’ve got the feeling to use English in writing posts and try to manage English. So there must be many mistakes when I start, you’re welcome to point out in the comments : )

I’ve got many much ideas, thoughts and experiences to write. I have a feeling to write them down, I have a feeling to express. It’s a good feeling, right?

I konw an active blog is usefull when you ‘need’ it. I use ‘need’ because maybe some can certainly make it without any blogs or something likewise. But as an somewhat “ITer”, I think I’d better keep a blog. Anyway, it’s a good habbit wo write down every important experience we have in life.

Next, I want to write something about my plan to solve Project Euler, something about App.Inventor, some usefull materials to learn Python, how I use services on dotclooud, my trainee life in Aragon, and, how I would try to build my site http://www.oppih.dotcloud.com

It’s late night. It’s time to say G’Night.

Get ready for a new day, because it’s your youngest day in the rest of your life.



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