A brief history of my bloging life

Hi there, it’s oppih here, may also known as @oppih28

I’m here typing for a new post, or it will be the last post on this site.

Saying Good Bye?! proablly.

I still remember that I first start my bloging life on 163.com(sorry for not post the url here~) on October, 2006. So long, right?

Later on, I start to try wordpress on http://oppih.oldblog.ubuntu.org.cn/ on August, 2009.

I gave it up because some technical reasons, such as I cannot post everything I want on the blog. I know it is because G-F-W, the administrator had to be care about our users’s contents. Quite understand-ble.

Next, I happened met @realax_me , also on http://realax.me, caused by a post named (or something like that) then I required a blog domain and site space from them on May, 2010. http://oppih.realax.me(yes, you cannot visit it right now and forever). It’s an amazing service, I really appreciate their privition 🙂

But there’s no free lunch all the time, @realax_me’s owner had little time to maintain it. So on March, 2011, my latest wp-blog was stopped 😦

For two months I hadn’t got time to find a new place to get myself a website. Partly because I got to be hired by a software company and started my life as a trainee.

Fortunatly, I came across a new service called DOTCLOUD last month. After explored it for a while, I got to know it is powerfull and suitable to setup a wordpress using dotcloud. I almost import everything from my last blog to dotcloud successfully. But with a little problems and some time limitation, I decided to just start a new wordpress blog on dotcloud.

Besides, to make an stage or make a copy of all my past posts, I also decided to put those post here. After imported those post, chosed a theme I used to use, and get something ready here, I finally write this post to make an end to my old bloging life.

I’ve got many more things to write about, both in English and in Chinese.

Oh, don’t forget my new website,
currently on http://blog.oppih.dotcloud.com
But eventually I will use http://www.oppih.dotcloud.com

Just save that link, and wait for my new posts~

Thank you.



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