Report for SFD-2011-BUPT & learning from TX


Yesterday I managed to translated the article “A prayer to the programming gods“. When @nanshizi615 reviewed it for me, we talked about how to improve English.

Here I certainly will not talk about English-learning, but I decided to write some posts in English so I can gain a opportunity to be trained and what’s more, I myself believe I will easily loose control of my basic point in my posts if I use Chinese…

So, just try to use English to express my idea here!

For the detailed information about SFD-2011-BUPT, you may visit my previous post in Chinese 🙂

Here I will use some photographs to show you how it was taken.

↑ At first, there many audiences

↑ The little audience I found!

↑ Engneer from RedHat explains about OpenShift

↑ Everyone loves the FireFox toy~ (Why not Mozilla just sell them XD)

↑ Some questions, please

↑ A video from RH

↑ Mozilla said, FF does’t want to go into fierce competition?!

↑ Oops, crazy FF’s version number!

↑ Yeah, TualatriX

↑ About Ubuntu Tweak

↑ Haha, raw & manual version control


For more pictures, you can visit HERE 🙂

Oh, I have to say , Nikon D90 with a 50mm prime lens is not so easy to handle (I use it for the first time).


OpenShift seems like to be a good Cloud-coomputing platform, maybe I can have a try to deploy some projects onto it.

FireFox [was] an excellent browser to me , but now I use Chrome heavily.

And, both RH and FF’s lectures are not so interesting enough —- many friends got to leave during the meeting 😦


After the activity, TX wrote a post about this.

As mentioned in the title, I will discuss some my own thoughts about what I learn from TX.

  1. Get to start.
  2. Share it.
  3. Someone is there to help you.
  4. Focus on one platform.
  5. Use what, learn that; learn what, use it.(用什么,学什么;学什么,用什么)
  6. Use new teches to improve your productivity.
  7. Learn to read other’s codes.

These are what I still remember 🙂

And what I agree with very much is: some researches show that, programmers (also called developers) are usually much more happier than other people. Why? Because they are artists who create worlds with their fingers! And they always have something they want to do with passions.

What’s your idea ?




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